Meaning of Filipina in English:



  • A female Filipino.

    • ‘‘I’ find it degrading and I'm not even a Filipina.’
    • ‘He told me he'd been there for 3 years; he was married to a Filipina.’
    • ‘Remittances from the 4.3 million overseas Filipinos and Filipinas, for instance, defray fifty percent of the Philippine trade deficit.’
    • ‘It was culture shock and a nightmare for a Filipina who used to be wooed extravagantly by Filipino bachelors back home.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of foreign domestic workers (Sri Lankans, Filipinas, Ethiopians, Indians) were hired within homes to do housework and were given direct responsibilities for child care.’
    • ‘But the Court of First Instance heard that most maids have had their wages reduced to the new minimum - figures show this is the case for 81 per cent of Filipinas - so it is they who effectively pay the levy.’
    • ‘On these days, the Filipinas are mostly holed up in the 154,000 households across the territory where they work as domestic helpers.’
    • ‘I personally worked with many of these Filipinas and I myself entered Japan on such a visa.’
    • ‘The government in Hong Kong has set a minimum wage level for the Filipinas.’
    • ‘A three-year-old Filipina, who is suing immigration officials for assault after they forced her and her mother on to an aeroplane bound for the Philippines, won the right to a judicial review of the department's actions.’
    • ‘He is the Daddy, I am the Mummy, and she is the Filipina.’
    • ‘Jennifer Rosales, a Filipina who won a tournament in Atlanta in April and is anything but your typical woman golfer, set the halfway target of five-under 137 after a 67.’
    • ‘There isn't much Filipino food in Sweden, but my cousin is married to a Filipina and I still remember their wedding feast… oh, incredible food.’
    • ‘Philippine officials say he is married to a Filipina.’
    • ‘Germany has sent a senior police officer to the Philippines to help local police investigating the murders of three westerners and a Filipina in a luxury resort in May.’
    • ‘They are trying to shut the lovely Filipina up because she is defending America's reputation for honour and decency!’
    • ‘A good friend of mine is married to a Filipina, and was telling me stories about how huge the band Air Supply still is over there.’
    • ‘A Filipina who had been told by her aunt, a UK resident, that she would be able to work legally.’